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Teams of all sizes create predictably better content with MarketMuse


Start generating better revenue with your content in a 7 day unlimited usage trial. Unlock rewards for your purchase!

$0/mo $0/mo No CC Required
  • 7 days of access
  • 1 user
  • 4 application workflows
  • Unlimited queries
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Find and monitor your gaps and stand out content, optimize your content writing strategy.

$179/mo $1,825/yr
  • 1 domain
  • 500 page limit
  • 1 user
  • 5 annual credits
  • 50 queries/month
  • 3 application workflows
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Advanced features, unlimited users, intelligent content strategy and planning for teams of all sizes.

$999/mo Custom Quote Starting Price, Billed Annually
  • Multiple domains
  • 500+ pages
  • Track managed topics
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited self-serve briefs
  • Unlimited queries
  • All application workflows
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There are so many tools in this space to choose from and MarketMuse is clearly best in its class. The platform helped us jumpstart our SEO-driven content strategy following a website refresh and we haven’t looked back since. Our results plus the simple, straightforward user experience and amazing customer success support will keep us coming back
Shazia Amin, Director of Marketing


Credits are used to order MarketMuse Content Briefs and First Drafts.

You can order more credits in your MarketMuse account by clicking on the credit balance just below your user name.

Credits cost $25/each.

Credits are used to order MarketMuse Content Briefs and First Drafts.

A query is used when you enter a focus topic into a MarketMuse Application (Research, Compete, Questions, Connect, Optimize).

First Draft is our AI-generated content. Our AI writes full drafts of content based on a MarketMuse Content Brief. You can order First Drafts with MarketMuse credits.

Check out our First Draft page to learn more.

Self-serve briefs cost 3 credits each (1 for the Content Brief and 2 for the content generation).

The MarketMuse Inventory is an automated content inventory and audit solution that helps you do deep research on your site’s pages and topics. It collects your desired pages, analyzes their quality and your domain’s authority across the topics it covers, and organizes your content so you can start planning immediately.

Your MarketMuse Inventory can be configured to include your entire domain, or only the sections of your site you want to focus on.

Speak to an account executive to get a quote for your particular domain.

By default, your MarketMuse Inventory will automatically update every month, starting on the day your first Inventory run is finished. If your initial Inventory run was on March 17, for example, it would update with fresh data on April 17, then again on May 17, and so on.

Your MarketMuse Inventory can be configured to refresh more frequently, but each additional run outside of the default monthly update schedule will come at the cost of your Inventory.

One of our Content Strategists will work with your team to understand your content goals and use MarketMuse to construct a content plan that will help you reach them. Content Plans and other custom deliverables are quoted on an as-needed basis. These services are only available for customers on the Premium plan.

If you’re an existing MarketMuse customer, speak to your account manager to see if our content planning services are right for you.
If you’re evaluating MarketMuse as a solution and want to have some extra content planning help, speak to an account executive to learn more about our services.

We work with everyone from solo bloggers and startups to enterprises, publishers, and agencies. Our day-to-day users include SEOs, content strategists, editors, writers, and digital/content managers who oversee their operations.

Yes! For every page and topic we analyze, our AI fetches hundreds to thousands of pages of content, removes low quality outliers, and uses a combination of proprietary and open source algorithms to classify parts of speech and calculate their relevance.

Our First Draft solution is built using Sequence to Sequence learning technology, where we’ve trained our models on millions of documents that allows them to generate high-quality drafts of content.

Yes! You can view our patent here.

Here are a few of the advantages MarketMuse has:

  • MarketMuse uses proprietary data and AI vs. commodity data via APIs
  • MarketMuse offers content inventories and research workflows vs. keyword-by-keyword analysis
  • MarketMuse has automated ROI and traffic projections vs. manual traffic projections
  • MarketMuse gives you AI-generated content briefs and full drafts at scale vs. one-off briefs and no NLG technology

Read more on how MarketMuse compares to the alternatives.

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