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Content Clusters

Own your topic in the SERP

How can your website gain the most exposure?

Knowing what content you have and are missing is hard, especially when managing multiple clusters.

MarketMuse makes cluster creation fast with personalized insights on topics to pursue, their value, and how hard it will be for you to rank.

Turn your content into an investment, not an expense.

Every brand has a story to tell, and one page is never enough. Stop creating stand-alone content.

MarketMuse leverages your existing content by showing what you already have and where you can expand. Content clusters help guide the buyer journey.

Topic cluster analysis on any topic for any competitor.

Do you know how well your cluster is performing? What if you could analyze your competitor’s cluster?

MarketMuse determines the quality of any cluster for any site. Analyze your competitors and top SERPs to address gaps and must-haves.

The right links give your content clusters power.

There are so many tools in this space to choose from and MarketMuse is clearly best in its class. The platform helped us jumpstart our SEO-driven content strategy following a website refresh and we haven’t looked back since. Our results plus the simple, straightforward user experience and amazing customer success support will keep us coming back.
Shazia Amin, Director of Marketing

Inform your cluster strategy

Automate your content audit