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Demand Gen Report

Buyer Personas, Behavioral Data & Repurposed Third-Party Content Pave The Way For Stand-Out Content Strategies

I’m syndicating my content to be part of a reading experience. One person from a company goes and reads one article, and then they read a similar one that I placed with a paid syndication promotion. Maybe another article appears right after in their area of interest and they engage with that. It surfaces that the company may be in a purchasing process. That is the output of intent data syndication.

Data Journalism As A Content Strategy For Early Stage Business

Search Engine Journal

Free AI Content Optimization Tool by MarketMuse

MarketMuse has been, for me, a game-changer, thanks to the quality of its data.

In 2020, Google made tremendous improvements to its algorithm and can now recognize better content quality and relevance of search queries to web pages.

This is where MarketMuse is really helpful because it helps you to discover all the important topics that you should mention for your target keyword, making your content the most valuable in terms of information provided.

In my opinion, MarketMuse is useful for every business that is doing content marketing.

Using MarketMuse, you can create in-depth content that is valued by readers and considered authoritative.

I used MarketMuse as an experiment on one of my sites, and my organic traffic grew by 400% in less than 6 months.

Being Early and Raising $8M as an AI-Generated Content SaaS

Best Global Platform / Technology / Tool for Content

Global Content Awards

Global Content Awards Shortlist

Best Tech Startup – Boston

Tech in Motion

Timmy Awards Finalist

Channel Report

Q&A with Elizabeth Irvine, VP of Marketing at MarketMuse

Be a sponge and listen as much as you can. Go to those optional meetings. The more you learn and are exposed to early on, the better.

Podcast with Charles Frydenborg, CEO of MarketMuse

T.A.Monroe Digital

Raising the Standard for Quality Content

Top 50 Innovation Award Winner for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

2021 World Innovation Awards


12 Best SEO Tools to Supercharge Site Growth

Estimating the success of content, MarketMuse identifies topics your site is most likely to rank for and gives you an individual difficulty score based on the rest of your site.

It creates unique content briefs by identifying keywords and the right sub-topics to include. Other top features include its link-building suggestions and a visual heatmap showing users the content landscape and competitiveness for their topics.
Ali Liaquat

7 AI-based Digital Marketing Tools For SEO and Online Advertising

This tool is perfect for several industries like healthcare, law firms, or even consulting agencies who want intriguing articles that will engage their potential customers at every turn.

2021 Finalist – Best Use of Content involving Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Awards


7 Content Creation and Management Platforms to Supercharge Your Content Marketing

MarketMuse is one of the leading AI-powered content marketing and keyword planner tools in the market. The platform uses both machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze content, provide topic suggestions, and assist in brief development.

MarketMuse is recommended to content marketers who wish to create an effective content marketing strategy based on hard data.
Search Engine Journal

Google’s New Technology Helps Create Powerful Ranking-Algorithms

I’ve spent significant time researching the neural ranking GAMs innovation and the possible impact on context analysis (for queries) which has been a long-term goal of Google’s scoring teams.

Neural RankGAM and related technologies are deadly weapons for personalization (notably user data and context info, like location) and for intent analysis.
With available as a public example, we get a glimpse at the innovation at a basic level.

I recommend that everyone check out that code.
I Mean Marketing

Will AI replace content writers and copywriters?

Tools like MarketMuse use deep learning and NLP to analyze thousands of pages and create topic models in a matter of seconds. It also uses Natural Language Generation to generate text. Creating expert-level SEO-optimized content has never been easier.

2021 Gold Winner

dotComm Awards

dotComm Awards

2021 Finalist

Demand Gen Report

B2B Innovator of the Year

Best SEO Software Suite Shortlist

US Search Awards

US Search Awards

Elizabeth Irvine – Rising Start Nomination


Women in AI Innovation Awards

The women nominated have all made outstanding contributions in the AI field, from advancing the work in ethics and fairness in AI, to trailblazing research critical to AI innovation, to ensuring young women entering the field have the opportunity and mentorship necessary to thrive.

Creating the Best Content Brief With MarketMuse and Writing a First Draft

MarketMuse is impressive; a useful tool for generating content briefs that will save you time with research. Taken one step further, you can use MarketMuse’s AI-generated First Draft as additional insights for your final draft.

Best Software Innovation Shortlist

Global Search Awards

Global Search Awards

SK Rafiqul Islam

21 Content Marketing Experts Sharing Their Top Marketing Strategies

In this guide, you’ll find top content marketing experts sharing their tips and strategies to build a winning content strategy in 2021. Thanks to MarketMuse for organizing the content strategy collective live event.
Content King

Content Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

The biggest challenge content marketers are facing is dealing with the vast amount of data involved in all the stages I just described. There’s far too much information to process this manually. Those days are over and content marketers that fail to realize it will fall by the wayside.
Search Engine Journal

Google May 2020 Update: What We Learned

For low-quality pages to grow, Google must perceive these entities as being higher value and authority with other measures. When law firms that don’t even serve a region or focus on a particular practice area are now winning a SERP with a landing page/home page, you have to wonder if that that will eventually correct and return to normal.
Content Science

Google’s New Topic Layer and Its Impact on Content



Content Planning and Operations: How technology and creativity come together with AI



Content & SEO Awakening: Improving Your Website’s Market Share



Storytelling: Creating content that converts (a Camp CallRail Workshop)



How to Leverage Insights from Your Site’s Server Logs | 5 Hours of Technical SEO


Product Craft

Product Love Podcast: Jeff Coyle, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of MarketMuse


Buying Businesses Online

How To Buy & Build Content Websites with Jeff Coyle from MarketMuse


Leveling Up

What Co-Founder of MarketMuse Has Learned From Working in the Content World for 20+ Years


Pass the Secret Sauce

Discover NEW SEO Tips If Your Domain Is Fresh Off The Development Line with Jeff Coyle

We can tell you exactly the content items you need to create, how many content items, and what topics would allow you to own that topic.
Niche Pursuits

How to Use Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing and Future of SEO with Jeff Coyle


Indie Media Club

How To Develop A Content Strategy That Actually Works (with Jeff Coyle from Market Muse)


Pam Didner

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing

We have teams that get thousands of content groups and they basically provide an outline or a single source of truth for the writer. So when the writer produces, they can focus on being creative. They can focus on being the expert that you’re paying them for, not doing stuff that they don’t want to do.



Grow Your Audience and Authority Using Content Marketing and SEO with Jeff Coyle


Food Blogger Pro Podcast

Establishing Your Expertise with Jeff Coyle


State of Digital Publishing

The State of AI Content Planning and Optimization with Jeff Coyle


Disco Posse Podcast

How to Change the Game of SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing


B2B Digital Marketer

How to Make Your Content Strategy Process Easier and More Effective


Predictable B2B Success

How to create amazing content: 10 ingredients to drive long term growth


B2B Executive Experience

Why Creating Content at Scale is Easier with AI


Attribution Marketing Podcast

The Future of Content Writing


School for Startups Radio

Self Storage Investing

Our focus is to set the standard for online content quality. We analyze existing content and say how well written it is. We can tell you where your site has authority and where it has gaps.


Duct Tape Marketing

What’s Happening with AI Right Now?

The big problem with manual research isn’t just that it’s time-consuming; connecting the dots (data points) so that content delivers desired results is also a challenge. It’s a bit like writing a piece you think should perform well but you’re not 100% sure it will. AI analyses massive quantities of texts to help you integrate all data points that really tell the story about what you should be writing to achieve your goals.


Customers Who Click

Make Content Your Competitive Advantage

Not Another Marketing Podcast

Can AI Help Us Write Better Performing Content?


Scaling Marketing Workflow With AI

MarketMuse uses artificial intelligence to help marketers build content strategies and make content more relevant to their vertical. The AI compares the content that the marketer created to thousands of other articles and shows which keywords to target to rank in specific topic categories and recommends keywords to marketers.

How to Repurpose Blog Content on Social Media

Use an SEO optimization program like MarketMuse to research competitor content and optimize your content with targeted keywords.

Quote by Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse


How to Measure and Track Content Performance: 8 Tips on How to Improve Your Digital Content’s Performance

Relying on generic data won’t help you stand out. Don’t do what you THINK you should do; that strategy doesn’t really work. It doesn’t add any value. It’s not showcasing your best. Write something truly special that stands out.

Quote by Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse

Search Engine Journal

SERP Analysis Tools For SEO and Ranking?

Content optimization tools that scrape SERPs and use term frequency calculations to tell you what to write about are misleading at best.

Most of these tools will scrape content from the top 10-30 search results, extract common terms, and rate their relevance using Google AdWords Keyword Planner from Google’s public API.

Adding words to your content from these types of tools will never lead to comprehensive, expertly written content that, over time, becomes a competitive advantage for your business.

2021 Shortlist

Global Search Awards

Best Software Innovation

The Best Digital Marketing Software on the Market

Ignite Visibility

2019 IGNITE 100

2018 Shortlist

Effective Digital Marketing Awards

Most Effective AI Solution

2020 Shortlist

US Search Awards

Best SEO Software Suite

2019 Shortlist

US Search Awards

Best SEO Software Suite

2018 Shortlist

US Search Awards

Best SEO Software Suite

Red Herring

2018 Red Herring Top 100 North America Winners


Mistakes NLG Can Make and How AI Platforms Can Avoid Them

If the dataset used to train the language model contains biased text, it would be reflected in the generated text. Using a bigger dataset will not necessarily overcome that bias. At MarketMuse, we’ve found that a well-curated training dataset that’s scrubbed clean of toxic language works better than one that is far larger and unrefined.

How Startups Can Use AI-Powered Tools to Scale Up

There are numerous AI tools available that can help you discover content ideas plus write and optimize your content to different audiences. Tools like Curata use AI to help marketers save time on these tasks. MarketMuse is another content optimization tool that compares your content with top-ranking content and gives recommendations.

Nominee for High-Tech Business

The Immigrant Learning Center

The 2018 ILC Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards

Aki Balogh, from Hungary, is the co-founder of MarketMuse, the first company to mechanize content creation for marketers. The company uses artificial intelligence to help its clients drive traffic and increase engagement on their websites. The MarketMuse platform helps users select the best subject matter and builds a content blueprint that shows exactly how to cover a topic comprehensively, automating research that otherwise can take a writer up to six hours. As a result, its customers realize a five-fold improvement in search performance.