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About us

We’re a team of SEOs, content strategists, marketers, engineers and data scientists on a mission to improve content across the internet.

Why and How?

We live at the intersection of AI, SEO, and content strategy.

There’s no such thing as “SEO content” anymore.

In 2013, a little Hummingbird told us that Google would rely less on keywords and backlinks and more on AI to measure comprehensiveness, authority, and user intent when determining the best content for a query.

Since then, the job content teams have to do has only gotten more complex.

But most of the truly useful AI solutions to help them navigate this new world were accessible only to those with the technical skills or big budgets to use them.

That’s why we built MarketMuse.

By bringing data scientists and engineers together with content strategy and SEO experts, we could make industry-leading AI accessible to SEO and content teams of all sizes and skill levels.

We started out by giving our users the tools to analyze one topic at a time. Now, we help them research and analyze entire content inventories at scale. With MarketMuse, you can create and execute your strategy with confidence.

But it all comes back to the same mission:

We want to help you publish more and publish better every time.

MarketMuse in 5 minutes

Who and What?

A long history of AI innovation

Oct ’23

Launched MarketMuse AI for Content Generation

Introduced MarketMuse AI: LLM-agnostic generative AI to Optimize so users aren’t limited to only ChatGPT. Users can create outlines, expand concepts, shorten or expand content, and more.

April ’23

Introduced ChatGPT integration

Enabled users to connect their ChatGPT account to MarketMuse to accelerate content creation.

Feb ’23

Deeper competitive/SERP analysis and cluster analysis

Introduced the ability to analyze competitors at the site level as well as the SERP for any topic to guide content structure. Customers are now able to easily identify gaps in their clusters.

Nov ’21

Acquired Grepwords

MarketMuse acquired Grepwords, a 6 billion keyword database enabling customers to market confidently with keyword data, SERP intelligence reports, market insights and more.

June ’21

MarketMuse customer conference

MarketMuse holds its first customer conference.

July ’20

First Draft launches in alpha

MarketMuse First Draft, the first publicly available natural language generation solution, is released in alpha state.

Nov ’19

Patent awarded

MarketMuse is awarded a patent for “Systems And Methods For Semantic Keyword Analysis” – the AI technology that underpins our platform.

July ’18

First automated content inventory

The MarketMuse Suite launches with the first automated content inventory on the market.

Oct ’16

First AI content plan

MarketMuse builds the first “AI-driven” content plan for Brigham & Women’s hospital.

Oct ’15

Content Analyzer + new Co-Founder

Jeff Coyld joins MarketMuse as co-founder/Chief Revenue Officer. Content Analyzer is launched as a novel way to analyze and optimize content for comprehensiveness.

Nov ’14

Pilot with major publisher

As VP of Search at TechTarget, Jeff Coyle leads the pilot launch of MarketMuse with 55 B2B lead gen. Sites.

July ’13


MarketMuse is founded by Aki Balogh as a “science project” to build an AI system that benefits society.

Ahmed Dawod Research Engineer
Pushing the technology limits to be market leaders is a great adventure.
Annabelle Hopper Junior Sales Engineer
I interned on the Marketing team in College and was recently brought back on as a Junior Sales Engineer! I cannot say enough great things about my experience at MarketMuse. For starters, the team culture is truly one of a kind. Authenticity radiates, teammates have your back and we have fun while doing it! The opportunity to work cross-functionally has allowed me to grow into a dynamic team player with an arsenal of skills in my tool belt. Not only do we get to work with cutting-edge AI technology, but also trail blaze the future of content marketing. Lastly, the leaders genuinely care about personal and professional development and will go the extra mile to help you achieve long-term goals.
Stephen Jeske Sr Content Strategist
I like working at MarketMuse. It’s a wonderful environment and offers a great opportunity to develop your skills, contribute in a meaningful way, and be recognized for your contribution.
Tatiana Chua Sr Marketing Associate
I’ve never worked with a chiller, more respectful team. From the leadership team to individual contributors, everyone here is no BS, level-headed, and understanding that we’re all just trying to do our best. Ironically, for a company innovating artificial intelligence technology, the people behind the scenes have also created a humane workplace fit for life’s modern-day demands.

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