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Competitive Content Analysis

Discover the secrets of high-performing content

Do you know all of your competitor’s content strengths and gaps?

You can’t exploit a weakness if you don’t know what it is.

MarketMuse examines competitive content, shows how your content measures up, and how to structure it to stand out.

Fill competitive blind spots.

If your competitors miss topics on their website, so will you. But what’s the best way to perform a page and site-level audit?

MarketMuse gives you full visibility into top SERPs and competitive sites. Know exactly what is missing and close those gaps with quality content.

Know the right structure to rank.

You’d like to include many things in your content, but sometimes it’s a guessing game.

MarketMuse shows you the structure of the top SERPs and why they’re ranking. Know how many images, H2’s, hyperlinks, and keywords to include to win on the web.

Mini topic audit for any website

See how well any site covers a topic beyond the top 20 SERP.

MarketMuse is saving me lots of research time. Instead of painstakingly reading every single page on the SERP to get a sense of what topics competitors are covering, I can get a bird’s-eye view from the Compete and Research tools. This gives me more time to critically analyze other components of my competitors’ pages and write stronger content.
Nina L

Inform your competitive strategy

Create competitive, high-performing content