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MarketMuse for Agencies

Unlock strategic content opportunities for your clients

Agencies face new market challenges

Client demand continues to increase, search algorithms continue to update and the digital landscape continues to evolve.

MarketMuse helps agencies unlock more strategic opportunities by automating time-consuming tasks and leveraging AI for data-driven decisions.

Automate manual reporting

Keyword and competitive research is time-consuming. Find topical gaps in your client’s SERP without downloading reports and analyzing individual content pieces.

Spend less time gathering data and use your time for strategic planning around those gaps.

Wow your clients by showcasing their opportunities

MarketMuse Inventory is an on-demand content audit showing your topic authority and gaps.

Know your client’s content better than they do. Quickly assess any size site with proprietary metrics that show high-impact opportunities, the level of effort required to own a topic, and how content is performing.

Competitive gap analysis in minutes

See how well any site covers a topic beyond the top 20 SERPs.

While you could slave away for hours conducting keyword research on a free platform such as Google Keyword Planner, we highly recommend MarketMuse.

This platform allows you to analyze specific search items, generate questions and associated keywords that go along with them, and plan precisely how you can outmaneuver your largest competitors.

Inform your client’s strategy

Be your client’s competitive advantage