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Content optimization

Create AI content with a human in the loop

Ensure topical depth and comprehensiveness for every written piece

How do you ensure high quality?

Search engines and readers spot thin and low-quality content fast, which immediately impacts trust and rankings.

Easily measure content quality and E-E-A-T before publication, whether you use AI or not. Know every piece is helpful and high-quality.

Find missing topics before publishing

It’s hard to remember everything that should be in an article. But even when you nail it, that performance changes over time if you don’t continue to make updates.

We remove the guesswork. Our software provides personalized insights on how to improve even your best-performing articles to show your audience (and Google) that you’re an expert.

Improve at-risk content

Most content teams publish and move on quickly. But existing content impacts your site’s performance. Low-quality content can be very damaging if left alone.

We identify at-risk pages that have low authority so you can optimize them and create supporting content to improve their authority.

Close-up of the Optimize Editor

Take advantage of what competitors missed

Do 1-1 comparisons between your page and any of the top 20 ranking pages. Identify gaps in their coverage you can exploit to have the most comprehensive and differentiated content on any topic. Plus, ensure you cover the must-haves.

Did some reporting for a client last week – turns out the content we created with MarketMuse when viewed on a first interaction attribution basis, was responsible for 7.05% of product demos since it launched. Highest converting piece of content other than the homepage.
John-Henry Scherck, Owner

Make content decisions with confidence

Ensure high-quality content every time