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Content Briefs

Your blueprints for helpful, high-quality content

How do you publish great content on the first try?

90% of content gets no search traffic. MarketMuse Content Briefs give you a shot at the 10%.

Publish high-quality content confidently without feeling like you’re leaving something on the table.

Make great results an expectation, not a surprise

Optimizing for search after a piece is written is inefficient.

MarketMuse analyzes natural language to show you how to write naturally on any topic. Receive comprehensive, search-optimized content from your writers in the first draft, not the third rewrite.

MarketMuse Content Brief outline view

Stop paying writers to guess

Without the proper guidance, writers can get creative in ways you don’t want them to.

Give your writers the structure, related topics, questions to answer and linking suggestions they need to write great content. Assign our briefs to your writers and know what you’ll get back.

MarketMuse brief Executive Summary of important user Questions
I love the MarketMuse briefs. Headings, content tips, keyword suggestions, and title suggestions make writing an article simple. I especially love the tool when writing about subjects I’m not familiar with.
Chloe L, via G2

Button up your briefing process

Use our thorough, repeatable, and data-backed process for building high-quality briefs in minutes.

Write with topics, not keywords

MarketMuse analyzes natural language – not keywords – to show you how to write naturally on any topic. Never subject your readers to keyword-stuffed content again.

Write like an expert while sounding like yourself

Most content brief solutions analyze the top 10-30 results on a Google SERP and show you how to be like them. Our AI analyzes 100s to 1000s of pages to build topic models so you can write like an expert, not a copycat.

Create data-backed content briefs

Never second guess your content