Write content
that ranks.

MarketMuse is an AI-powered research assistant that accelerates content creation and optimization so you can win in organic search.

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Keywords can't build a content strategy.

Search engines now detect and demote low quality, keyword-driven content.

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Low quality, keyword-driven content

Stop targeting keywords, start covering topics.

Rank for every search related to your business, not just your keywords.

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High quality content with topical authority

Plan, build, and optimize your

content with AI, not man-hours.

MarketMuse takes a singular topic and analyzes tens of thousands of related

web pages to identify important subtopics, questions to answer, and personas to

address in your content.

Measure and improve the
quality of your content.

Automate SEO and
content research.

Map content strategy
to the buyer journey.

Speed up your content
planning process.

Fuel demand with
best in class content.

Get playbooks for writing
content that ranks.

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