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MMS is our suite of applications that allows you to find, assess and remedy the gaps in your content that are holding you back from topical authority.

How MarketMuse Helps You Outrank Competition

Double Your Content’s Performance

Optimize your existing content to rank higher for more keywords and improve audience engagement.

Find High Potential Opportunities

Find gaps and opportunities for new content creation prioritized according to their probable impact.

Write High Quality Content Faster

Optimize live with our built-in editor, showing how in-depth your topic is covered and what needs improvement.

Streamline Your Content Workflow

Modernize your research, writing and editorial processes. Give your content team the exact tools they need to create A+ content substantially faster.

How It Works

X-Ray Vision

Our machine learning and natural language processing technology analyzes and compares all of your content to 1,000’s of articles on the topic to show what’s missing.

3 Billion

Content pieces analyzed

Prioritized Opportunities

Tens of millions of data points are gathered and distilled into actionable insight. Mold your content around what your audience needs and what search engines deem as expert quality.

297 Million

Opportunities found for clients

Content Briefs

Give your writers detailed briefs outlining what should be included in each piece in order to rank well. Analyze your article before publication so you know it’s the best it can be.

1.8 Billion

Topic placement counts suggested

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