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News content that continues to deliver long after publication.

We can only write good content off of good data. That’s why we use MarketMuse.
Jennifer Rotner, Owner, Elite Editing

Assess if your topic is newsworthy

Real-time insights for how to write content that will rank in news results. Gain a leg-up on the competition with topic recommendations based on news results.

Analyze news performance

Newsroom analyzes and dissects the SERP and news results so you know what you need to include to rank immediately in news and for the topic.

Ensure you always stand out

The only platform that offers semantic analysis and comprehensiveness of news in the market.

I’ve been lucky to leverage MarketMuse at three companies…Their account team is second to none and always have our best interest in mind when developing strategy for us to exploit via tactics.
Jeanne Hopkins, CRO

Stop wondering what your content could be. Get there today.