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Leverage AI-powered content KPIs in real-time. Discover and act on content opportunities that deliver the greatest impact and power growth.

Opportunity Score

Prioritize content creation and optimization efforts based on the likelihood of success. Unlike the one-dimensionality of many SEO scores, Opportunity Score takes hundreds of factors into account. Use this score to:

  • Strengthen topic clusters
  • Align content with user intent
  • Pinpoint poor quality content
  • Bolster thin content
  • Identify and leverage power pages

Content Score

Determine how comprehensively your content covers a topic in relation to the competition and identify areas for improvement. Boost your Content Score in real-time by writing for greater topical coverage.

Expertise Score

Expertly craft content that delivers greater value than any of your competitors. Once you’ve identified your expert content, use them as models for current and future content writing.

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