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MarketMuse Launches the MarketMuse Suite to Help Organizations Create Better Content

Boston MA | July 16, 2018 — MarketMuse, the provider of the AI-powered platform for building content strategies, launched the MarketMuse Suite, a new platform that helps organizations create stronger content that dominates in search.

The MarketMuse Suite provides a robust set of AI-powered applications that drastically reduce time-consuming research and eliminate guesswork of what content will resonate in search. The range of applications within the intuitive interface helps teams organize, analyze, create, optimize, and assess best-in-class content.

It is also the only platform that offers semantic analysis and comprehensiveness of news in the market. The Newsroom application analyzes and dissects the SERP and news results so publishers know what should be included to immediately rank in news for the topic.

“This is essentially a Content Command Center,” said MarketMuse CEO, Aki Balogh. “We created one place to go to get the insights and guidance needed to write comprehensive, high-quality content that performs strongly in search engines, generates user engagement and builds thought leadership. The MarketMuse Suite enables our clients to build authority on the most critical topics for their business.”

The platform provides a workflow for all members of the content team, from SEOs, content strategists, editors, and marketers. Organizations compete in search using MarketMuse to improve content quality, automate SEO keyword research, instantly perform content analysis, and prioritize content recommendations.

About MarketMuse:

MarketMuse is an AI-driven content strategy platform that helps marketers write better content. The MarketMuse Suite identifies data-driven content opportunities, builds prioritized content plans based on quantitative factors, and creates content blueprints that show marketers exactly how to write to cover a topic comprehensively. Organizations use MarketMuse to save hours of research each day, dominate on search and build thought leadership on topics core to the business.