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Keyword Research

A cluster-first approach to keyword research

How do you organize keyword data?

Keyword research is hard. Existing tools provide lots of data but little help in organizing the list of results, which can run into the thousands.

Stop getting buried in keyword data. MarketMuse simplifies and removes the subjectivity from keyword research. Sort and prioritize based on your existing clusters for the best chance at ranking.

Personalized difficulty metrics you can’t get anywhere else.

Generalized keyword data doesn’t take your domain’s existing content and authority into account. This can misinform critical content decisions.

MarketMuse is the only software that delivers a personalized difficulty score. Know how easy or hard it is for your website to rank for any given topic. Gain an advantage over competitors who rely on generic difficulty scores.

Build topical authority with the right choice of keywords.

Keyword decisions are often misinformed.

MarketMuse helps you make objective keyword choices. We connect topics, keywords, and questions in meaningful ways so you can turn them into clusters of thematically related, high-quality content.

See it in action.

Your source for keyword data at scale.

Some projects require large keyword datasets. Use our 5+ billion keyword database across 90+ locations and languages to meet those project needs.

Measure your market confidently with keyword data.

We have been able to rank for really, super-competitive keywords and dominate the niche areas we want to rank in a fairly short time. We can see gaps in our authority chunks and quickly create strategies to address that too. I cannot understate the many uses of MarketMuse for serious content strategists, it just makes my life so much easier.
Amy Aitman

Inform your content strategy

Automate your content audit