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Inventory & Applications

Workflows and metrics that make it simple to find your best content opportunities.

Close-up of MarketMuse Difficulty and Value metrics

What is the MarketMuse Inventory?

The MarketMuse Inventory automates your inventory and content audit processes. It collects and organizes your pages for you, analyzes them, and makes them easily accessible. Less manual work for you, more content research, planning, and execution.

Over the last six months, we’ve seen a 20% to 30% increase in leads coming through organic traffic.
John Lahr, Director of Marketing

Content metrics you can’t get from any other platform.

Our AI-powered metrics are designed to help you find your best content opportunities, prioritize them, and surgically execute against them.

Your entire site at your fingertips.

Our AI-Stackable filters that make content research fast and easy for everyone. Drill down into any part of your site or topic and quickly find opportunities for goal-crushing content plans. metrics are designed to help you find your best content opportunities, prioritize them, and surgically execute against them.

Close-up of Stacked Filters in MarketMuse Inventory


Understand your potential ROI for any topic.

Never create new content or optimize a page without understanding the potential traffic increase and dollar value your work will create.

A display of MarketMuse ROI and Traffic metrics
A display of MarketMuse ROI and Traffic metrics


Collaborate with your team.

Organize your topics into easily accessed Plans. Assign topics to team members, add notes, set due dates, and track publication.

Close-Up of MarketMuse inventory planning features

Automated, up-to-date inventories
with no manual work for you.

No more manual site crawls and frankensteining datasets from different tools. MarketMuse Inventories are done-for-you from the start and are updated regularly so you’re always making decisions based on fresh data.

No site is too big or small to have a MarketMuse Inventory.

Whether you have one page or tens of thousands, MarketMuse can build your inventory, analyze your site and topics, and continually update it with fresh insights. Have a small site? Add topics to your inventory and chart a path for growth.

Your Account

Dashboards. Get your best content opportunities surfaced for you with custom dashboards.
Inventory. Use our proprietary AI-driven metrics – such as Authority and Personalized Difficulty Scores, User Intent Fracture, and Organic Traffic Value – to quickly find, prioritize, and take action against your best opportunities for growth.
Planning. Group topics by plans, assign them to your team, set due dates, and mark when you finally hit publish.
Briefs. Access all of your Content Briefs, assign them to your team, set due dates, and mark them done once you publish your content.
Research. Enter a topic and let our AI analyze tens of thousands of pages for you. Distill any topic into its most relevant related topics, find new ideas, and get actionable data to write expert content.
Compete. Get panoramic view of how well the best ranking pages on a topic actually cover it. Find the must-have topics your content should include, as well as gaps you can cover to craft differentiated content.
Questions. Find the specific questions people are asking about any topic so you can knock the answer out of the park.
Connect. Find internal linking opportunities to build clusters around topics. Get external linking recommendations so you can link to non-competitive but authoritative sources.
Optimize. A text editor that gives you real-time guidance on how to cover a topic comprehensively. Write and watch your Content Score climb as you produce the best piece of content on any topic.
Newsroom. Analyze news coverage on a topic and learn how to write the most comprehensive coverage on it. Write about hot topics in a way that gets you visibility now, and long-term search engine rankings later.
  1. Our proprietary AI analyzes your inventory, assessing the breadth and depth of topical coverage on each page.
  2. We assign all of your pages and their related topics an Authority Score and a Personalized Difficulty score.
  3. Start your research and planning. Easily slice and dice your inventory using stackable filters or build dashboards that surface opportunities for you.
  4. Use the MarketMuse Applications to do deeper research into a specific topic.
  5. Sort your best opportunities into Content Plans.
  6. Order Content Briefs.

Publishing better content shouldn’t feel like a moonshot.