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integrated content plans

Custom content plans that match your specific needs and objectives.

Crafted by a MarketMuse content advisor, custom content plans consist of a minimum of 10 recommendations for creating new content or optimizing existing pages, delivered directly within the MarketMuse platform.

creation content
Accelerate your content production with the help of MarketMuse Content Briefs, First Draft, and Final Draft.

Content Briefs

Content Briefs are very detailed, providing all the information necessary for any content team member to consistently produce stellar content. Use Content Briefs to scale production and maintain quality.

First Draft

MarketMuse First Draft employs the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to create a preliminary article for a chosen topic based on its corresponding content brief.

Final Draft

Final Draft scales your content production even faster with polished content that is publication-ready. MarketMuse Suite insights fuel the Content Briefs provided to writers to produce an expertly written piece of content.

detailed analyses

Crush the competition with an Advanced Competitive Analysis of your domain vs. the competition for the most critical topics.

MarketMuse uncovers all ranking topic variations and assesses them for quality. We analyze the data to reveal the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps within your domain.

An evaluation by a MarketMuse content advisor surfaces technical problems that are impacting organic growth. Their findings are presented in a report explaining the issues at a high-level and why they are problematic. The report also provides every page where an error exists to expedite the SEO process.

topic reports

The MarketMuse Topic Report offers a snapshot of where you stand with your topic.

It provides a launchpad for creating a plan for what content to create and optimize around a given topic. You won’t find more competitive insight anywhere else!

The MarketMuse Topic Report is perfect for anyone who needs help coming up with ideas for an editorial theme. Our content advisors can conduct research on any subject to find new angles to explore, understand their presence in search, and see what’s trending.

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