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It takes a lot of manual effort (hours!) to research keywords, create a content plan, and optimize content. Imagine the time saved when AI does keyword research, topic ideation, and competitive analysis for you.

Put your best foot forward with every piece of content you publish with the help of MarketMuse.

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Accelerate your content research, creation, and optimization process so you can publish fearlessly.

$4,999/year Normally $7,200/year
  • Data export
  • 100 queries per month
  • Unlimited projects
  • Applications: Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, Connect
  • 1 user (add new users for $99/month)

Create better content, faster.

Research, plan, publish, and optimize content faster.

Drive growth through content without resorting to scammy SEO hacks.

Publish with confidence that every piece of content will perform.

Create complete customer journeys with content.

Customers see results that are out of this world.

We see 4x-10x more traffic with pieces we optimize with MarketMuse.
Zoe Hawkins, Principal Content Manager
The MarketMuse approach is way more efficient than the way I’ve been looking for topics to cover.
Marketing Services Company
Partnering with MarketMuse was one of our best business decisions. Together we took took something that was already going in the right direction and we added rocket fuel.
Kurt Schmidt, Owner, Inside the Magic
We chose MarketMuse because we know the quality of the data is superior. I am a little bit of an SEO tool nerd. I try a lot of new tools out there and I’m quite disappointed with the quality of the outputs that I get. But MarketMuse continues to impress me.
Amy Aitman, Chief Operations Officer
MarketMuse Inventory helps us know what’s working, what’s not, and what we need to dedicate more time and resources to. Having clear metrics to back up why we’re prioritizing particular content has been super helpful. It’s created additional trust across teams. It’s very helpful in prioritizing old content for optimization, as well as evaluating new content before we publish. Basically, every part of the tool I use regularly.
Jonathan Louvis, Online Content Marketing Manager
While you could slave away for hours conducting keyword research on a free platform such as Google Keyword Planner, we highly recommend MarketMuse.

This platform allows you to analyze specific search items, generate questions and associated keywords that go along with them, and plan precisely how you can outmaneuver your largest competitors.
The SERP X-Ray is a game changer for quickly identifying what needs to happen to rank.

It helps me see just how vulnerable competitors are – if their content is weak, has mismatched intent, or isn’t cutting it when it comes to imagery, SERP X-Ray shows me that I could easily beat them for that top spot.
Zoe Hawkins, Principal Content Manager
By far the best optimization tool out there. I love getting the range of recommendations – not just which keywords to use, but how often to use them. Combine that with the ability to compare with competitors on the fly, while writing, and it feels like magic.

The inventory tool is a game changer for finding which pieces are “low hanging fruit” or other easy wins for optimization.
Zoe Hawkins, Principal Content Manager
MarketMuse is saving me lots of research time. Instead of painstakingly reading every single page on the SERP to get a sense of what topics competitors are covering, I can get a bird’s-eye view from the Compete and Research tools. This gives me more time to critically analyze other components of my competitors’ pages and write stronger content.
Nina L
We have been able to rank for really, super-competitive keywords and dominate the niche areas we want to rank in a fairly short time. We can see gaps in our authority chunks and quickly create strategies to address that too. I cannot understate the many uses of MarketMuse for serious content strategists, it just makes my life so much easier.
Amy Aitman
I love the MarketMuse briefs. Headings, content tips, keyword suggestions, and title suggestions make writing an article simple. I especially love the tool when writing about subjects I’m not familiar with.
Chloe L, via G2
MarketMuse is our secret weapon when it comes to our on-page optimizations. Ever since Google took away organic keyword data in analytics, SEO can feel like a shot in the dark. MarketMuse turns on the SEO lights. Backed by AI technology, we confidently make data-driven optimizations that deliver results.
Nicole Grodesky, Director of SEO
MarketMuse helps me in both the content planning and content optimization process. It essentially automates the SERP analysis process, so I can determine what Google likely considers topically relevant for a given keyword search.
Frank S, via G2
We can only write good content off of good data. That’s why we use MarketMuse.
Jennifer Rotner, Owner, Elite Editing
Did some reporting for a client last week – turns out the content we created with MarketMuse when viewed on a first interaction attribution basis, was responsible for 7.05% of product demos since it launched. Highest converting piece of content other than the homepage.
John-Henry Scherck, Owner
I’ve been lucky to leverage MarketMuse at three companies…Their account team is second to none and always have our best interest in mind when developing strategy for us to exploit via tactics.
Jeanne Hopkins, CRO

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