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Use AI to create high-quality content from strategy to execution

Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and CSO of MarketMuse, walks through his full process of using AI to identify a topic and execute content (saving 6-8 hours). The resulting article was on the first page in four days.

Building a business case

Part One walks through how to:

  • Identify top opportunities within striking distance by using MarketMuse Inventory
  • Find the right intents to target and frame a cluster
  • Set a framework for prompts to create an outline

Create sophisticated outlines

Part Two walks through how to:

  • Inject your own point of view into the outline
  • Catch “wishy-washy” generated copy
  • Incorporate your expertise, quotes, and brand or factual references in prompts

Maintain authority in your content generation

Part Three walks through how to:

  • Assess the quality of the output
  • Prepare appropriate links
  • Make sure your point of view is clear throughout and expert perspectives are represented

See it in action

AI content generation checklist