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You can’t guess your content strategy

Most content strategies are built on generic data and opinions. Our AI analyzes your entire website to give you personalized, objective insights so you can confidently plan better and faster.

Trusted by thousands of content strategy and marketing teams.

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Own your topic in the SERP.

No more cross-checking keyword and topic research with your content audit. Now it’s all in one place. Personalized data leads to better decisions.

Make better, more objective decisions.

Manual content audits take hours or days and often use generic data that doesn’t factor in the domain. This creates a risk of focusing on the wrong content.

MarketMuse automates content audits and removes the subjectivity of what is or isn’t working and what is missing, so you prioritize the right content, faster.

MarketMuse is our secret weapon when it comes to our on-page optimizations. Ever since Google took away organic keyword data in analytics, SEO can feel like a shot in the dark. MarketMuse turns on the SEO lights. Backed by AI technology, we confidently make data-driven optimizations that deliver results.
Nicole Grodesky, Director of SEO

Answer hard questions with prescriptive insights.

What content should I prioritize?
Content Planning

It can take days to manually research your content, how it’s performing, what you’re missing and what to prioritize. Create content plans in minutes with page-level, site-level and SERP insights at your fingertips.

How can my website gain more exposure?
Cluster Creation & Analysis

It’s your job to answer search intent and questions your audience asks. Content clusters help ensure you tell the whole story. Own your topic and gain authority by building clusters in minutes with MarketMuse. See what topics to include, their value and insights on your ranking difficulty.

What is my competition doing?
Competitive Content Analysis

It’s easy to see what competitors include, but hard to spot what they missed. Our topic model reveals gaps to leverage in the SERP. Remove the guesswork on how to structure your content.

How do I organize keyword data?
Keyword Research

Stop making subjective decisions from disorganized keyword data. Prioritize keywords with the best chance of ranking into clusters to build your authority.

How can I publish faster?
Content Briefing

Don’t make your writers guess what to cover in an article. Our Content Briefs are blueprints that provide structure on topics to cover, questions to answer, links to include and more. Minimize edits and publish faster.

How do I ensure every piece is helpful and high-quality?
Content Optimization

Your worst content is more damaging than you think. Low-quality and outdated content doesn’t help your audience or your rankings. Identify and save at-risk content to improve your overall authority. Plus, remove the fear of writing with real-time feedback on quality.

Customers see meaningful results.

The SERP X-Ray is a game changer for quickly identifying what needs to happen to rank.

It helps me see just how vulnerable competitors are – if their content is weak, has mismatched intent, or isn’t cutting it when it comes to imagery, SERP X-Ray shows me that I could easily beat them for that top spot.
Zoe Hawkins, Principal Content Manager
By far the best optimization tool out there. I love getting the range of recommendations – not just which keywords to use, but how often to use them. Combine that with the ability to compare with competitors on the fly, while writing, and it feels like magic.

The inventory tool is a game changer for finding which pieces are “low hanging fruit” or other easy wins for optimization.
Zoe Hawkins, Principal Content Manager
MarketMuse is saving me lots of research time. Instead of painstakingly reading every single page on the SERP to get a sense of what topics competitors are covering, I can get a bird’s-eye view from the Compete and Research tools. This gives me more time to critically analyze other components of my competitors’ pages and write stronger content.
Nina L
We have been able to rank for really, super-competitive keywords and dominate the niche areas we want to rank in a fairly short time. We can see gaps in our authority chunks and quickly create strategies to address that too. I cannot understate the many uses of MarketMuse for serious content strategists, it just makes my life so much easier.
Amy Aitman
I love the MarketMuse briefs. Headings, content tips, keyword suggestions, and title suggestions make writing an article simple. I especially love the tool when writing about subjects I’m not familiar with.
Chloe L, via G2
MarketMuse is our secret weapon when it comes to our on-page optimizations. Ever since Google took away organic keyword data in analytics, SEO can feel like a shot in the dark. MarketMuse turns on the SEO lights. Backed by AI technology, we confidently make data-driven optimizations that deliver results.
Nicole Grodesky, Director of SEO
MarketMuse helps me in both the content planning and content optimization process. It essentially automates the SERP analysis process, so I can determine what Google likely considers topically relevant for a given keyword search.
Frank S, via G2
We can only write good content off of good data. That’s why we use MarketMuse.
Jennifer Rotner, Owner, Elite Editing
Did some reporting for a client last week – turns out the content we created with MarketMuse when viewed on a first interaction attribution basis, was responsible for 7.05% of product demos since it launched. Highest converting piece of content other than the homepage.
John-Henry Scherck, Owner
I’ve been lucky to leverage MarketMuse at three companies…Their account team is second to none and always have our best interest in mind when developing strategy for us to exploit via tactics.
Jeanne Hopkins, CRO
Easily visible research that uncovers both marketing journeys and intent to develop richer strategies for content.
Jonti Bolles, CEO
The Optimize tool. There are lots of other tools that feature this type of keyword distribution calculator, but I find that the semantically related topics that MM generates are very advanced. The gamification nature to this feature also incentivizes our team to hit target content scores regularly, making for polished content that touches on a variety of subjects.
Kayla Schorr, Content Manager
Over the last year and a half, we took six really big consumer brands and conducted a test between MarketMuse and Ryte. Not only did MarketMuse exceed what was best in class prior, but we couldn’t find anything to beat it. We always try to find the best tool and not become stagnant. MarketMuse beat them hands down.
Ryan Monahan, CEO
Over the last six months, we’ve seen a 20% to 30% increase in leads coming through organic traffic.
John Lahr, Director of Marketing
There are so many tools in this space to choose from and MarketMuse is clearly best in its class. The platform helped us jumpstart our SEO-driven content strategy following a website refresh and we haven’t looked back since. Our results plus the simple, straightforward user experience and amazing customer success support will keep us coming back.
Shazia Amin, Director of Marketing
I’ve used my fair share of marketing technology over the years. After seeing the impact on one article from a MarketMuse Content Brief, I immediately approved the budget, knowing this would directly impact revenue for us.
Andrew Wyant, President

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