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The AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform that transforms how you research, plan, and craft your content.

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“In the first year after using MarketMuse, we saw a 30% growth in leads from organic search.

- Steven W., Marketing Director

The best brands, agencies and publishers outperform their competition with scalable content, powered by AI.

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How MarketMuse Helps You Outperform the Competition

How MarketMuse Helps You Outperform the Competition

Predict Content Success

Personalized difficulty score, an industry-first, helps determine the topics for which your site is most likely to succeed. Unlike generic keyword difficulty, this score is based on your site and its contents.

Craft Better Content

Easily order MarketMuse Content Briefs directly within the platform. These fully-outlined briefs contain everything a writer needs to create expert-level content including topics to cover, word count to aim for, and KPIs to meet in their writing.

Create Content Faster

MarketMuse First Draft brings natural language generation to content marketing. Each draft is meant to hit all the important metrics with minimal human editing required.

How It Works

Personalized Difficulty Score

This is a determination of your advantage or disadvantage compared to others when it comes to ranking for the topic. It’s based on an assessment of how well you’ve covered a topic across your entire content inventory.

Content Briefs

Using machine learning to analyze the content published about a subject, we compare it to a giant corpus of data. We determine what related topics are important and the amount of content necessary to cover these topics. This topic model drives the content brief.

First Draft NLG

Our natural language generation engine analyzes massive amounts of pages on the topic and reconstructs that information into an original piece of long-form content. The draft aims to meet the important KPIs as defined in the content brief for this draft.

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