Guide to Content Optimization

How to optimize for both search engines and your audience.

Can you create content that’s best suited for search engines and humans? Absolutely!

Content optimization is more than just mentioning your keyword in the first paragraph, wrapping subheadings in H2 tags, or any of those other SEO hacks. It’s about making sure your content is as comprehensive as it can be.

This guide explores what content optimization is in the world of semantic search and how you can satisfy both search engines and your audience. Here you’ll discover how to improve your content in predictable ways that make a substantial difference.

Start creating better content today!

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"From an ROI standpoint, it was just off the hook. We were basically flat for the better part of a year and a half until we started publishing new content. And it was the only change we made, so it’s a really clear before and after."

Giuseppe Frustacti, Stick Shift Driving Academy

"Our partnership made our content more authoritative and the results speak for themselves. In addition to increasing our recognition as an expert in familiar spaces, we’ve taken claim in new arenas as well."

Kirsten Longnecker, Kasasa

"Once we started publishing content following the MarketMuse process and formula, we were seeing pieces position within a couple of weeks. Traditionally, you’re looking at months before you see something position. We’re seeing very, very quick results."

Luke Mason, TentCraft

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