How Experts Interpret and React to Google Algorithm Updates and SERP Feature Changes

On-Demand Webinar

Google announced an update. Now what?

Any announcements from Google about a new algorithm update spikes stress within marketing, content and SEO teams. They aren’t to be taken lightly, whether it impacts a specific market or the broader community, since getting content right is so important. How do you quickly understand what the changes mean for your site in particular?

Join two experts, Andy Crestodina (Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media Solutions)and Jeff Coyle (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer) for a discussion about interpreting changes to search engine algorithms.

Watch this webinar and skip the basics to dissect advanced strategies that will set you apart, including how to:

  • Compete for featured snippets
  • Use semantic SEO
  • Battle the no-click impact of SERP features

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