How to Bring Agile Marketing to Your Content Strategy

On-Demand Webinar

61% of traditional marketers report plans to go Agile within 12 months*

What does it really mean to be Agile? The methodology is often associated with software development teams, but when you think about the primary benefits it's clearly not just for code jockeys. What content team doesn't want the ability to change gears quickly, establish better project visibility, and produce higher quality work?

If your team is collaborative, data-driven, experimental, and focused on learning and delivering value, you're off to a good start. But there's even more you could achieve with true Agile content marketing.

In this webinar, Andrea Fryrear, President of AgileSherpas, demonstrates how you can bring this methodology to your team. Andrea will share how Agile helped her team publish 300 pieces of content in a single year and provide insight into:

  • What agile marketing is and what it is not
  • What to watch out for, including examples
  • How to get started

* Cite: 1st Annual State of Agile Marketing

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