ScribbleLive and MarketMuse Address
Content Writing and Ranking Challenges

TORONTO, CANADA | June 18, 2019 - ScribbleLive, the award-winning content performance company, announces their partnership with MarketMuse, a content intelligence and strategy company, to enable marketers to scale content quality and performance.

This new partnership combines the on-demand writing freelance network of ScribbleLive with MarketMuse’s AI-powered content intelligence platform, expediting how organizations research, plan, and craft content.

In an age of content chaos and fake news, publishing high-quality content that demonstrates topical authority, establishes intent, and drives reader engagement is a challenge for every modern marketer. “We’re excited to bring the content insight MarketMuse provides to our writing projects,” says Mary Forsyth, VP of Channel Sales at ScribbleLive. “Leveraging those insights will ensure our client’s visual and interactive content have a better search impact.”

“Content marketers are not afforded the time to research, plan, and create quality content properly,” says Aki Balogh, Co-founder and CEO of MarketMuse. “By combining the writing network and the interactive content power of ScribbleLive with our content metrics and predictability, marketers can scale high-quality content creation that establishes topical authority and expertise.”

To learn more about the partnership and the value it brings to marketers, ScribbleLive and MarketMuse are hosting a joint webinar on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 1:00pm EST. To register, visit

About ScribbleLive
ScribbleLive is an award-winning content performance company that provides global brands with the insights and solutions they need to better attract, convert, and retain their audiences. Companies such as Red Bull, FedEx, Dell, Reuters, Yahoo, American Express, and the Boston Globe leverage the ScribbleLive Content Cloud to create scalable, premium content, interactive experiences, and real-time audience engagement. Our goal is to help you optimize your content performance and drive better business results. Visit for more information.

About MarketMuse
MarketMuse an AI-driven platform for building content strategies, informing content decisions, and accelerating content creation. By analyzing massive amounts of web content, the MarketMuse platform builds content outlines that reveal exactly how to write to cover a topic comprehensively. Organizations use MarketMuse to save hours of research each day, dominate on search, and build thought leadership on topics core to their business.

Elizabeth Irvine
Director of Marketing
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