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Wondering how to judge content quality objectively?

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How Content Teams Hit Escape Velocity

MarketMuse powers-up every stage of the content process.

Inventory and Applications

An automated content inventory and audit solution that measures content quality and authority across your domain. Research, organize, and prioritize your best content opportunities faster than ever.

Content Briefs

AI-generated content briefs that give you everything you need to write like an expert. Use related topics, get measured with Content Score in our real-time text editor, and act on internal and external linking recommendations.


A text editor that gives you real-time feedback on how well your content matches our topic model. Industry-leading topic models that show you how to write like an expert and competitive data on the top search competitors for your topic.

MarketMuse was somewhat of a game changer for us. We were able to build a process and give my team the tools they needed to execute our content strategy.

John Lahr


Once we started publishing content following the MarketMuse process and formula, we were seeing pieces position within a couple of weeks. Traditionally, you’re looking at months before you see something position. We’re seeing very, very quick results.

Luke Mason


When you’re writing an article, you don’t have to guess on what to write or the quality of your SEO. Using MarketMuse, you can get your article ready for publishing on your first draft.

Alex Jaumann


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