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How Content Teams Hit Escape Velocity

MarketMuse powers-up every stage of the content process.

Inventory and Applications

An automated content inventory and audit solution that measures content quality and authority across your domain. Research, organize, and prioritize your best content opportunities faster than ever.

Content Briefs

AI-generated content briefs that give you everything you need to write like an expert. Use related topics, get measured with Content Score in our real-time text editor, and act on internal and external linking recommendations.


A text editor that gives you real-time feedback on how well your content matches our topic model. Industry-leading topic models that show you how to write like an expert and competitive data on the top search competitors for your topic.

The brief is really the secret sauce here. It’s the thing that makes it possible for a good, competent technical writer to produce something that reads well, is authoritative, covers all the bases.

Allan Tear

Consultant with IEEE

Amazing! I could create a creative brief in less than 20 minutes, where it would take me a few hours before. This was a no-brainer.

Fara Rosenzweig


I was sold on MarketMuse after we asked an editor (who knows nothing about fitness) to optimize a specific piece using a Content Brief and we saw performance triple very, very quickly.

Erin Mahoney


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